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Trends Service

This service displays, on a time series graphs, data for all countries over time. The user may select particular indicators and countries and observe trends on how their values are changing over time. The user can identify the countries that have improved or are still at an early stage in terms of e·Infrastructures over the past years.

Trends service (default indicator at start-up: NREN typical backbone capacity)

The service allows the user to view all available indicators in a drop-down list and be able to select one. After the selection, the graph is updated to display the selected information (see the next figure).

Trends service (selection of another indicator, e.g. Internet Users)

The user can view a list (countries window) of all available countries and may select one or more. This is especially useful whenever the user wants to focus on a specific geographical region of remove from the graph countries to be able to see details at specific value ranges. In the next figure the first 10 countries in the ranking have been removed to see details in the remaining countries.

Trends service (selection of countries)

The Trends service is also appropriate to generate horizontal or vertical bar charts. Animation is possible with the animation button in the time slide.

Trends service (horizontal bar chart)

Trends service (vertical bar chart)

Last but not least, the Trends service is suitable for scatter plots, a very useful graph to identify the correlation between two different indicators.

In the top left of the panel, the user may find the scatter plot button. Clicking on the button will automatically use the selected indicator as the x-axis variable. The user may select a second indicator as the y-axis variable. The next figure shows a strong correlation between two indicators.

Trends service (scatter plot)

The scatter plot can be also animated (see the next figure) to see changes over time, with each bubble (point) moving to the corresponding x and y positions (depending on whether data is available for each time interval). If the “show trails” is selected (next to the play button), each bubble will leave a trail to mark previous positions over time.

Trends service (scatter plot with trails)

A third indicator can be visualized through the bubble size parameter. This indicator can be selected through the drop-down above the scatter plot. The bubble size follows the formula: value/maximum value (see the next figure).

Trends service (scatter plot with a third indicator on the bubble size)

Clicking on a scatter plot bubble will display the associated label. They can also be repositioned through „drag and drop, by right-clicking and selecting 'move text labels or map points'.