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Chronology Service

The Chronology service is a timeline of major events in the history of e·Infrastructures. Events are presented on a timeline. The user may focus on particular periods and select events that are of interest, to view their description.

Description: Chronology0.png
Chronology Service

 The user may use the time slider on the bottom of the page to browse through time and see the important events. Clicking on each event displays in a tooltip more information about the event, such as date, location, and short description of the specific Infrastructure. In addition, the name of the e·Infrastructure is a link to its official website.

Description: Chronology1.png
Chronology Service Details

The Zoom in button in the left bottom of the screen allows the user to Zoom in and out in Time, to view a specific period of time in more detail.

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Chronology Service Zoom in