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Pan-European Networks Service

The Pan-European Networks Service is a graphical application depicting, with coloured lines on a map, the interconnections of scientific communities. A playback option is available for the user to see how these relations change over time.

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Pan-European Networks Service

This service provides the user with the ability to choose the community for which he/she desires to see the visualised data on the map by selecting the respective community from a list located in the upper left area of the interface.

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Pan-European Networks Community Option

The Communities Mapping service allows the user to observe the evolution of this community network by clicking on the play button and watch the changes from a start point in time until the most recent point in time for which data is available. In addition, by selecting a specific year on the time slider, e.g., June of 2004, the user can see the community network at that time.

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Pan European Networks Time Slider