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Stakeholders Mapping Service

The “Stakeholders Mapping” service is a birds-eye map overview of the e·Infrastructures organisations currently established and active all over Europe.

Stakeholders Mapping service

The user can choose to display four different types of e·Infrastructures organisations: National Research & Education Networks (NRENs), National Grid Initiatives (NGI), Supercomputer Centres, and Pan-European Coordinating Entities.

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Stakeholders Mapping Types of e·Infrastructures

Besides filtering the organisations by their type, the user may also select one or more countries and/or country groupings/regions of interest using the respective dropdown menus located on the top of the page. The regions consist of countries that form primarily geographical groups, e.g., Balkan countries. The observatory currently exhibits information on 43 countries.

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Stakeholders Mapping Regions and Countries

Detailed information is available for each organisation in a tooltip which appears when clicking on each visual cue. It is possible to change the map’s zoom level as well as the map type (satellite view, terrain view, etc.). The tool supports visual cues that are distinguishable by users with colour vision deficiencies.