National & Kapodistrian University of Athens

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) is one of the major highest degree public educational institutions in Greece. It consists of five (5) faculties (Sciences, Health Sciences, Law Economics & Political Sciences, Philosophy, and Theology) which are divided into twenty-nine (29) departments with a total number of over 50.000 students. The University staff includes 6000 Teaching and Research Staff members and 600 Administrative Staff. The University of Athens is a legal entity of public law. It has full administrative autonomy, but is subject to state supervision by the Ministry of Education, which also provides part of its funding. The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications belongs to the Faculty of Applied Sciences. Department staff consists of 40 academic staff members and over 100 PhD candidates and research associates. It is divided in three sectors: Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Communications and Signal Processing. The research and development activities within the Department cover a wide spectrum of Information and Communication technologies. The faculty, research staff and students participate in a large number of projects of National and International scale. More particularly, the Department has a rich and long experience in several topics of Computer Science such as Software Engineering, Databases and Knowledge Bases, Experiment Management Systems, WorkFlow Management Systems, Digital Libraries, User Interfaces, Personalization, Data Warehouses, Data Mining, and Distributed Systems and has participated several relevant research and development projects. In the last five years NKUA has participated in the following European projects: DILIGENT Integrated Project (IST FP6), DIAS (eContent), DELOS Network of Excellence (IST FP6), DRIVER Targeted Project (IST FP6), BRICKS Integrated Project (IST FP6), KATOPTRON, DIAVION (under Greek initiatives), Health-e-Child Integrated Project (IST FP6), TELplus Targeted Project (ECP FP6), DRIVER II CP/CSA (INFRA FP7), BELIEF II Coordination Action (INFRA FP7), D4Science CP/CSA (INFRA FP7), D4Science II CP/CSA (IP FP7), PAPYRUS (ICT FP7), (ICT FP7), and Open AIRE (IP ICT FP7).