The nventory project has been structured in four distinctive groups of tasks, each one comprising of support activities that deal with specific aspects of the project implementation.

The first group of support activities addressed the initial conceptual analysis for the design and implementation of the European e·Infrastructures Observatory, including its structure, methodology and data organisation approach, as well as defining the complete indicator list selection of what and how data will be monitored, registered, and updated with regard to e·Infrastructures' development status.

The second group dealt with activities that helped to liaise with key e·Infrastructure stakeholders to create the European Infrastructures Observatory Advisory Board for providing guidance and reflection to the nventory workplan. Such targeted Advisory Board members included, but were not limited to, representatives from e·Infrastructure projects, Infrastructure policy bodies, and other Infrastructure organisations, as well as individual experts.

The third group of support activities involved the creation of the necessary tool/web platform, albeit at a pilot/prototype level, through which access to the European Infrastructures Observatory data warehouse was given. The portal allows for various representation and statistical data aggregation methods, including graphs, distributions, and other visualisation means that enable accurate and user-friendly utilisation of the nventory data.

The last group of support activities aimed to increase visibility through dissemination and outreach, informing the e·Infrastructures community and increasing awareness on the features and capabilities of the nventory web portal, including the demonstration through an inauguration workshop addressing an extensive group of Infrastructure stakeholders.