The European e·Infrastructures Observatory starts serving the e·Infrastructures community

Press Releases

The European ežInfrastructures Observatory ( was officially unveiled during the e-IRG Workshop organised under the Danish EU Presidency on June 11, 2012, in Copenhagen, in front of a wide audience that included e-IRG members and other key ežInfrastructures stakeholders.

The European ežInfrastructures Observatory is an on-line platform, offering interactive and user-driven visualisation tools and an extensive set of benchmarking indicators to facilitate multidimensional and polymorphic monitoring and analysis, support fact-based policy and learning and disseminate achievements of electronic infrastructures in Europe and beyond. Currently, the European ežInfrastructures Observatory offers 7 intuitive, interactive and user-friendly visualisation tools based on best practices in visualisation and representation techniques, features a core set of 45 benchmarking indicators that are the baseline for monitoring ežInfrastructures development progress, usage, impact and investments drawn, and provides access to more than 10.000 individual figures and other related data and benchmarks.

Following the public launch of the European ežInfrastructures Observatory, Dr. René Belsø, e-IRG co-chair and DeIC CTO, stated that “European countries invest heavily in e-Infrastructures; the European community supplements further, since we all believe in the strategic rationale behind e-Infrastructures. Yet, we know only little about the actual impact of these investments on European R&D. We desperately need a better overview and namely we need investment, cost and impact indicators. The European ežInfrastructures Observatory is a nice initial attempt to provide such an overview and these indicators; at the very least it will stir up a needed debate on how one might get a better and more sustainable indicators production; at the very best, it will pave the way towards a sustainable structure offering the eInfrastructures community the equivalent of WorldBank, OECD-like indicators…”.

Prof. Heinz-Gerd Hegering stated “The European Commission and the European Countries have started a lot of initiatives to improve IT-related infrastructures in the areas of networking, databases and supercomputing, among others. In order to gain maximum benefit out of already existing e-infrastructures as a user as well as to learn from one another as a developer or provider, an integrated and comprehensive overview of such infrastructures has been missing so far. The European ežInfrastructures Observatoryfills this gap in an excellent way. The system not only provides many useful information but also allows to build individual profiles and presentations in a very flexible way.

Dr. Robin G. Arak, an independent consultant and EC project reviewer also stated "The ežnventory project has developed an easy to use web based visualization tool which allows anyone interested in e-Infrastructures to gain an insight into the historical and current developments and parameters of important e-Infrastructures which support leading edge research throughout Europe. This will enable e-Infrastructures to be critically assessed, reviewed and planned for the future so that they can continue to improve their services and support for research and education.”

The ežObservatory coordinator, Dr. Jorge-A. Sanchez-P., noted: “We are very excited with the official launch of the Observatory and we are keen to follow up to any feedback from the Infrastructures stakeholders that will help improve it further towards a value-added tool that will serve their needs and expectations in the best manner possible!

TheežObservatory has been developed by the ežnventory project, co-financed by EU’s 7th Framework Programme under Grant Agreement no RI-261554. The ežnventory project acknowledges the invaluable support and contribution of European flagship e·Infrastructures initiatives and coordinating organisations: GEANT, DANTE, TERENA,, PRACE and its Advisory Board.

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