Press Release: High-level e·Infrastructures experts join the Advisory Board

Press Releases

High-level Infrastructures Experts join the Advisory Board

of the European Infrastructures Observatory

A significant milestone for the materialisation of the European e·Infrastructures Observatory has been achieved via the formation of a high-level Advisory Board. The European e·Infrastructures Observatory Advisory Board is a group of experts with different areas of relevance to the observatory, ranging from representatives of e·Infrastructure policy bodies and e·Infrastructure projects to individual high-level experts in the field.

The association of an Advisory Board provides additional quality assurance in the form of high-level reflections and guidance for the e·nventory project and its activities and increases the confidence that the implemented European Infrastructures Observatory will be well-accepted and well-received by the Infrastructures community and stakeholders.

"From its inception, the nventory project, in order to seek and secure Infrastructures stakeholders feedback and consensus on the proposed structure and functionality of the European Infrastructures Observatory, had placed very high emphasis on the need of an Advisory Board to ensure that sufficient liaise takes place with key Infrastructures stakeholder organisations and individual experts. I am delighted that this significant milestone has been achieved and feel obliged to express the utmost gratitude of the nventory consortium towards these renowned e·Infrastructures experts that have joined our initiative," says Dr. Jorge-A. Sanchez-P., nventory project coordinator.

The Advisory Board will provide advice on several aspects such as how the European e·Infrastructures Observatory indicators will be used towards assessing and monitoring the overall development status of Infrastructures, as well as, consult on the preferred time evolution (trend) of the respective indicators that are required in order to implement the proper data collection, validation, and analysis (both offline and online) process.

The nventory project aims to support the formation of the European Infrastructures Observatory, a single-entry-point and one-stop-shop portal, capable of representing multiple primary and convoluted indicators for assessing eInfrastructures evolution at regional and national level across the European Union and beyond. The European Infrastructures Observatory will set new grounds for monitoring Infrastructures development and communicating respective findings to related stakeholders and to the public-at-large, in a seamless and impartial way.

e·nventory is co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme – Research Infrastructures under Grant Agreement no. RI-261554.