Press Release: Launch of project e·nventory

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Launch of the FP7 Research Infrastructure Project


targeting the formation of the

European e·Infrastructures Observatory 

The European Commission defines ICT-based infrastructures (Infrastructures) as a crucial asset underpinning European research and innovation policies. They make a major contribution to the objectives of the EU 2020 Strategy and the vision for the European Research Area (ERA), and constitute an important growth area not only for Europe but for the entire world, enabling research and scientific communities to work together supporting individual collaborative initiatives in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

In parallel, the European Commission is placing significant priority on the evaluation of the results and impacts of its policies and initiatives, in order to improve decision making, to ensure that EU policies remain effective to tackle the real challenges that the increasing complexity of reality entails and to ensure transparency and accountability.

In the above context, the ežnventory project has been launched to underpin the formation of the European Infrastructures Observatory, a single-entry-point and one-stop-shop data warehouse, capable of representing multiple primary and convoluted indicators and benchmarks, to assess e·Infrastructures evolution and impact at regional and national level across the European Union and beyond.

The aim of the project is to carry out a design study that will set the grounds towards a European e·Infrastructures Observatory to monitor the status quo and evolution over time of electronic infrastructures and assess their impact across the European Union and beyond. Through the collection and utilisation of appropriate indicators, the European e·Infrastructures Observatory will be able to monitor Infrastructures development and communicate all findings to related stakeholders but also to the public-at-large, in a seamless and impartial way.

International dimension 

The primary target area of the project is the EU Member States, but whenever data from other countries is available, it will be incorporated into the European Infrastructures Observatory to allow for comparisons and impact assessment beyond the EU.

Furthermore, to support the selection process of the European Infrastructures Observatory indicators, several assisting surveys and studies will be carried out, most notably some at international level. These will examine best practices for similar research and innovation observatories, individual metrics, and databases/repositories around the world and will help to determine what indicators are often used and in what way by other international repositories.

The project will also actively participate in the concertation activities and meetings related with the e·Infrastructures area. The objective is to optimise synergies between projects and/or similar benchmarking initiatives/observatories by providing input and receiving feedback from working groups addressing activities of common interest at international level.


e·nventory is co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme – Research Infrastructures, under Grant Agreement no RI-261554.

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